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international Businesses

Hello! my name is

Ly Unt
After 10 years of experience as an international business lawyer, I am helping international business owners as a legal consultant. You can be from any country, with any legal questions, for example, in need of setting up agreements or other business-related documents.

Experienced legal consultant based in Switzerland with a demonstrated history of working in the international legal service industry for ten years. Skilled in international business law, in setting up contracts of various matters, contract reviews and out of court dispute resolution. Strong legal professional with a Master`s Degree in Law; active in the legal field for 11 years

What I can do

for you:

I will advise you on the type of contract your business needs. I will review and/or make any business-related document for you, for example NDA`s, terms and conditions, loan agreements, shareholders` agreements, AoA`s, partnership agreements, etc.
Out of Court Dispute Resolution
In case you are currently in a dispute with a third party and would like the matter to be settled out of court through peaceful means, you may hire me as your dispute resolution legal consultant helping to close the issue. At the end of the process, I will provide you with an agreement that both parties are satisfied with and will sign, closing the dispute.
Response to a Legal Issue
I will draft you a response to a legal issue, which your company is faced with from service providers, clients, and other parties.
I will help you to set up insurance for your international company.
General Advice, and Communication via Preferred Phone Apps
I will help you with any short questions you have or want to ask a legal consultant via preferred Phone Apps, either by chat or voice messages.
Help Connecting with a Local lawyer
If I cannot help you, I will connect you with a local specialized lawyer in any country. I can arrange a meeting for you on your behalf with a specialized lawyer concerning your matter.

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  • 15min consultation
    One question in WhatsApp, or 15min consultation
  • 30min consultation
    Call or WhatsApp chat
  • 1 hour work
    1 hour work on legal issue
  • Contract
    Making/reviewing a contract up to 25 pages

Testimonials from

colleagues and clients:

„Ly is an exceptional legal professional who focuses on detail and compliance. As a legal manager, she was a loyal and insightful colleague with the ability to deal efficiently with complex legal cases in international business law and contract law.„
„I highly recommend Ly Unt; she has excellent communication skills, and in addition, she is organized, reliable, and hard-working. She is flexible, and I have found Ly an honest, kind, and positive person with which to work. „
„I was initially impressed by her enthusiasm, organization skills, and professional demeanour when joining our company. Ly and I worked collaboratively for four years, and I found her a conscientious and very hard-working professional. In her role as a legal manager, she encountered many challenges; her reason for success in meeting all these challenges is her ability to chart out her limitations. Ly is an accomplished multitasker who has ensured the efficacy of many projects and procedures.„
„Ly has been dedicated to her career, bringing strong attention to detail in all work completed. She effectively performed multiple tasks to ensure all projects were completed promptly through her management and communication skills. She was always consistent in following up on her tasks. Ly was always available and flexible in any situation; working in the front line and dealing with cases and clients always kept the company`s interest in the foreground. She commits to working under extreme pressure and can maintain confidentiality and exercise extreme discretion. We can assure you that Ly has a confident and professional manner, a sound understanding of commercial and employment law, client relationships, legal processes, and related work. She has a strong ability to assimilate and absorb new information and exemplary research skills. She is a punctual and reliable lawyer.„


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